Healing Temple

Meet our professional team of healers

Individual sessions are a great way to enhance your experience during the Festival.
They may enable you to deepen your understanding of Tantra in general, support you for healing, energising, or simply deep relaxation.
Our healing area is private and fully equiped to give you the best treatments and our dedicated healers are fully trained and qualified in their field of expertise.


Alar is a teacher of Estonian and oriental traditional medicine. He is the founder and owner of Alar Krautman Health Academy. He has worked as a therapist and a masseur therapist over 25 years and as a teacher over 15 years. He is the developer of several therapies (Ancient Estonian Therapy “Soonetasumine”, Yumi therapy, Mana therapy, Estonian honey massage).
In addition to many trainings and workshops he is also conducting nature and empowering practices such as sauna rituals and the Werewolf. His sessions work around body opening or emotionally and energetically releasing bodywork.



Founder of The Wildman, where he holds Masculine Empowerment Workshops and individual sessions for men and women. Deep brotherhood is the essence of his work. He supports men to connect deeper to their intimate partner and live their life purposes.

A certified integral sexologist, tantra teacher and bodyworker. He holds workshops and gives tantra massages to women, men and couples. He is passionate of the healing aspect of sexuality. Certified coach (NLP/The Journey) and have taken advanced initiation courses into shamanism.


Sofia Sundari

Tantric Breath and Bodywork: tantric massage, yoni and lingam de-armoring, opening up to your pleasure potential —a sacred practice that facilitates the release of blockages, old traumas and emotional issues. It awakens you to your orgasmic potential and empowers you through pleasure. A powerful shortcut to self-love and embodied being.

An international tantra teacher, a writer, a coach, and a facilitator of courses on mystical femininity and tantric & taoist sexuality. Sofia empowers people to expand into their natural erotic freedom as a portal to align with the divine.



Life coach, body&breath worker and Tantra teacher. Conducting trainings on relationships and intimate communications, leading tantric workshops, practicing tantric massage therapy, Lomi Lomi, women circles, Osho meditations, and relationship coaching.
Freya has been learning Tantra, Bioenergetics and Tantra Massage with John Hawken, now also co-teaching massage trainings with him. Offering sessions of various Tantric massages, Cashmere, Taoisitic, Energy work, ESO, Fire-breath, Yoni & Lingam healing and pleasuring, Pelvic Liberation, Deep Tissue Massage and others.

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Liza Martin

She has devoted the last 20 years to learning from some of the most extraordinary teachers and luminaries from all over the world. All those experiences have become the resource to tap into in her sessions. She’s trained in Family Constellations, Trauma healing (Somatic experiencing), Gestalt Therapy, Tantra, Breath and Bodywork.

During the Festival she’ll be offering Family Constellation circles and private sessions for deep healing the Masculine and Feminine and Trauma healing sessions.



Satya is a deeply heart-centered Therapist, Yoga & Meditation teacher; whose mission and passion is to touch the lives of those she meets on a deep level.

Originally trained as a Nurse, Satya began redirecting her passion to alternative medicine.
Graduated as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cranio-sacral therapy and Chi- nei tsang (deep abdominal massage).
She has lived in Asia for 13 years (5 in the Osho community), and studied and practice with Non Dualism Master Teachers throughout the world.


Katarina & Maurizio

They work both as a couple and individually, focusing on emotional and energetic release, generating the masculine and feminine energy for healing massages as whole body myofascial; trauma release; sexual de-armouring; full body de-armouring; four hands massage and other. They integrate both tantric healing and MER (Myofascial Energy Release) concepts in their own innovative method, making their bodywork activity a unique experience. A method that is individually prepared, and dedicated to regaining the inner power and pleasure that have been lost or blocked.

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A highly regarded therapist in releasing sexual blockages and trauma. Holistic healing through tantric bodywork and yoni de-armouring. Guiding women to navigate their own body through, touch, release and pleasure. Education, empowerment, liberation from fear, guilt and shame leading to deeper self-acceptance, forgiveness and self-love. An International Self Love Coach, Tantric Practitioner and Transformational Facilitator with over 38.7 million views worldwide in teaching people about Tantra. Founder of Sacred Sexual Awakening.com


Our Ibiza Guest Team


Gestalt art therapist and Visual artist

Visual artist-explorer weaving multi-dimensional creative transformations, Roseline has 25 years of experience in the creative process as a professional artist, creativity coach, art therapist and art teacher. She passionately shares the life-changing aliveness and inspiration brought by creative expression. Combining all artistic modalities to awaken one’s creative potentials and purpose, she facilitates workshops for those longing to set free their inner artist.
With an MA in Expressive arts and psychology; she is a Humanist Gestalt art therapist with extended experience in interdisciplinary arts, transpersonal psychology, archetypes, and symbols.



During the festival Shambala will be available for Emotional Support of the attendees.

A career of 25 years as a therapist with the body, the mind, the subconscious and the emotions. Trained in Poona in Hypnotherapy and Rebalancing, plus years of training in Europe in Gestalt therapy and Meridian Tapping. Since 9 years she lives in Ibiza and gives regular workshops in Tapping and private sessions for individuals and couples: with massage (Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Tantra massage) and a very powerful and efficient combination of meridian tapping and Gestalt therapy. She believes that acceptance and love are the main healers for all of us.

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Billy White

Human Design Analyst

A reading with Billy will show you the basics of how to live as your true self. At the festival, he will give you an overview of how you are designed to best make your decisions, how to move and operate in life, and how most appropriately to relate with others. Human Design is based on your time, place and date of birth, and is a terrifically accurate system that is very easy to assimilate.
Billy is a certified Human Design Analyst, has decades long experiences in meditation, yoga, and tantra, and enjoys sharing his knowledge, in a deep, intimate way. He moved to Ibiza, Spain several years ago from San Francisco, CA.

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Individual sessions are not included in the Festival fee.
A detailed brochure will be available in the healing area
with a description of each session as well as price