Healing Temple

Meet our professional team of healers

Individual sessions are a great way to enhance your experience during the Festival.
They may enable you to deepen your understanding of Tantra. Our healing area is private and fully equipped to give you the best treatments and our dedicated healers are highly qualified in their field of expertise.


Coordinator of the Healing Team

Satya is a deeply heart-centered Therapist, Yoga & Meditation teacher; whose mission and passion is to touch the lives of those she meets on a deep level.
Originally trained as a Nurse, Satya began redirecting her passion for alternative medicine.
Graduated as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cranio-sacral therapy and Chi- Nei Tsang (deep abdominal massage).
She has lived in Asia for 13 years (5 in the Osho community), and studied and practice with Non-Dualism Master Teachers throughout the world.



Body worker, tantra teacher and zen coach. She holds workshops for women and couples, and gives private sessions to men, women and couples. She has many years of experience holding the space for others in the field of development and self-realisation. She supports you to align your soul, body and feelings, to reconnect with your own center by deepening your pleasure, self-acceptance and loving joy for being you with yourself.

She works through massage, lingam and yoni de-armoring, supporting your full body orgasm, releasing guilt, shame and fear, and giving coaching sessions.

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Alar is a teacher of Estonian and oriental traditional medicine. He is the founder and owner of Alar Krautman Health Academy. He has worked as a therapist and a masseur therapist over 25 years and as a teacher over 15 years. He is the developer of several therapies (Ancient Estonian Therapy “Soonetasumine”, Yumi therapy, Mana therapy, Estonian honey massage).
In addition to many trainings and workshops he is also conducting nature and empowering practices such as sauna rituals and the Werewolf. His sessions work around body opening or emotionally and energetically releasing bodywork.



Kevin was raised with a spiritual education, passionned about Yoga and Movement, open hearted, he enjoys sharing and inspire others around Yoga, Spirituality, Qi-Gong, Meditation, Breathwork & Bodywork. Energetic, curious and involved, he offers you to come on a journey to travel within Internationally Licenced Massage therapist in Alchemy Of Touch, Kevin explores and dearmours the body with grace and fluidity. Singer and Musician as well he offers Sound healing through his work. Kevin speaks French, Spanish & English fluently


A professional intimacy-therapist specialised in relationships and bodywork with Tantric massages. Founder of the tantric kinky school : Cinquante-Nuances-de-Tantra.fr
He holds week long Tantric retreats, a yeartraining in tantric massage and sessions for individuals and couples who want to deepen their relationships in sensuality, intimacy and consent. Fine balanced with his masculine and feminine, intuitive, grounded and heart centered, he offers a wide range of Tantric Massages as well as Shibari and Tantric BDSM experiences for those wanting to deepen their exploration of sensuality and power exchange dynamics.
Touch is sacred, magic and healing, it’s a highway to connect with your inner-self in a soul-meeting : blowing the mind away and nurturing the body. Let me be your spark.


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Since 1997, Parvati has been walking the healer’s path, formally initiated into a variety of modalities from cultures around the world. With her in-depth training in Reiki, Tibetan Healing Methods, Shamanic Energy Healing – alongside with her soul’s unique presence, she offers to experience a rite of passage beyond this world where obstacles melts away. Her belief is that everything is energy, thus transformation happens when we acknowledge this very principle within ourselves. Her work is further inspired through travels between Sweden and Bahamas; her two planetary homes where she blends with the nordic spirit and swims with the wild dolphins.


Hello Festival Tantric@s 2022! Welcome back! My massages are available to you these days so you may enjoy a special and deep gift to yourself. We will first discuss what you would like to receive for your own well-being and what you feel you really need. With that conversation and connection, you will rest, breathe, and relax as I treat you to a perfect mixture of modalities that I’ve learned throughout the world; Indian Ayurvedic, Thai Yoga Massage, Oil-based Californian relaxation, and of course Tantric. Tailor-made, with love, for your system and what is going on for you right now.


Karolina Karwan, neo tantra masseur & facilitator, drummer & friend, filmmaker, cosmopolitan dancer of life.I am part of the Tantra movement in Poland, Europe, Asia and Mexico. I finished a one year tantric massage course for certified tantra massages by Freya & Hawken in Poland. I learned from Santoshi & Kristin Magnus (Tantra for women, Ibiza tantra festival), Shachar Caspi (Art of Love intensive, Shamanic Mysteries, Facilitator Training), Zola Dubnikova, (two months women retreat in India), Zenon Dorje (Kashmiri tantra massage course). I have been working at Tantra festivals in Mexico, Ibiza and Croatia.


Our Support Team

Maha Devi

During the festival Maha Devi will be available for Emotional Support of the attendees.

Maha Devi’s great passion is bringing healing and awareness to people to find healthy perceptions of themselves and strengthen their relationship with their inner self so they can know themselves as peaceful, complete and whole. She has been co-creating in the Tantra Woman Team for the last 4 years. She is part of the Tantra Teacher’s Team at Samma Karuna School in Greece. On a daily basis she gives individual sessions on Gestalt Therapy, Reiki and Shamanic Breathwork. She has been offering bodywork workshops for women for the last 8 years, mainly in Barcelona.


During the festival Shambala will be available for Emotional Support of the attendees.

A career of 25 years as a therapist with the body, the mind, the subconscious and the emotions. Trained in Poona in Hypnotherapy and Rebalancing, plus years of training in Europe in Gestalt therapy and Meridian Tapping. Since 9 years she lives in Ibiza and gives regular workshops in Tapping and private sessions for individuals and couples: with massage (Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and Tantra massage) and a very powerful and efficient combination of meridian tapping and Gestalt therapy. She believes that acceptance and love are the main healers for all of us.

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During the festival Shambala will be available for Emotional Support of the attendees.                               


Anandi is a gifted practitioner and facilitator in the realm of Color Light Therapy. With a deep understanding of the transformative power of colors, she brings forth a unique approach to healing and self-discovery. Anandi’s passion for guiding individuals towards deep self-love and joy in their hearts has led her to specialize in using colorlight therapies for emotional release and trauma healing.

—Individual sessions are not included in the Festival fee—