Meet our team of internationally renowned
Tantra teachers

We have selected some of the best Tantra teachers in the world to design
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Hariprem & Kaulika

After Hariprem and Kaulika met in 2014 they were invited to live in a Baul ashram, in West Bengal. They have built a beautiful Shiva-Shakti temple there, and are since more than 2 years immersed in their Tantric Process, of melting the Male and Female energies and enjoying their Divine Union. In May 2018 they have come out of their retreat looking forward to sharing their experience with the world.


Kaulika has a background as a well-known singer and actress in West-Bengal, India. She dropped her successful career in 2014 to become a sannyasin. Hari Prem has been since 2000 devoted to the path of Tantra and teaching throughout the world. In him, the path of Tao and Tantra flow together as one stream.

Kaulika has a background as a well-known singer and actress in West-Bengal, India. She dropped her successful career in 2014 to become a sannyasin. Hari Prem has been teaching Tai Chi and Chi Kung since the early 90s, starting in Osho’s Commune in Poona.

John Hawken

John is one of the most experienced teachers of tantric energy work in Europe. He trained with Margot Anand as a licensed teacher of SkyDancing Tantra and founded SkyDancing UK in 1992.
John has taught tantra and singles and couples trainings for over 30 years in Germany, UK and the Czech Republic.
He specialises in very grounded existential tantra which integrates light & darkness, heaven and earth, spirit and body.


For 5 years John Hawken was a member of the shamanic lodge led by Arwyn Dreamwalker, where he studied the twisted hair shamanic path, which weaves together Celtic and Native American tribal traditions. He specialises in creating shamanic earth rituals in sacred sites such as stone circles as in Magical Cornwall, Tantric temples on his India pilgrimage, Goddess sites on his Mary Magedlene pilgrimage or power places in Magical Bohemia. He has a passion for the ritual of shamanic healing circles and currently runs shamanic lodges in both the UK and Czech republic.

John studied experimental theatre with Grotowski at the Theatre Laboratory, and taught drama before training as a humanistic psychotherapist specializing in energy and bodywork, with a private practice in Germany for ten years.


Vasanti is an experienced Body Psychotherapist with the specialization Sexual Grounding Therapy®. She has been teaching the “Love and Ecstasy Training” with Margot Anand for many years. She is also a practitioner of vegetotherapy (the original therapeutic of Wilhelm Reich). Has been running her own practice for couple mediation, young adults group, Circle of Women and “Awaken the Sacred Fire” since many years. Her path involves bridges between therapeutic work, ancestral rituals and Tantra.


She have profound “Bhakti”  dimension in her work, inspired by her initiation into the Sacred Shivaite Teachings of Babaji in India. Inspired by her life as a mother and women, her work recognize the resources acquired by the lineage of generations and bring more awareness and love in the relationship.


Astiko shares truth as a Tantra master since 1993 mainly in Spain but also in India, Venezuela, Mexico, Germany, and other countries. She teaches in Tantra groups; Ericksonian Hypnotherapie for meditation groups; Breathwork and Emotional and sexual awareness groups.
Her purpose is to bring meditation to all areas of human existence in everyday life, a relaxed presence in every moment opens the heart and expands your consciousness to who you truly are!

Her work is dedicated to Osho whose presence and vision has initiated and guided her to the realization of truth in the body. Papaji, Barry Long, and Diana Richardson, and many others have also been masters and inspirations on her path.

In 2010, he founded “The Integrated Masculine” an in depth process for the modern Man. With clear insights and humour, Niten invites every participant to shake off their conditionings, breakthrough old patterns and reunite with their essential nature. Niten has trained and qualified in Shiatsu Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Colour Light Therapy, Tachyon and Watsu. He is currently based in Ibiza, Spain.

Carmen & Michel

Carmen and Michel bring to the world their 30 years of experience and research on conscious sexuality. Their Alchemical Sexuality Training places special emphasis on the connection with the masculine and feminine polarities in each one, in order to rescue and enhance their qualities. Their proposal is based on practicing, training, being a flow of radiant love and present awareness in everyday life. A deeply inspiring couple, full of contagious vitality, grace and beauty.

Carmen is a forerunner of Rebirthing, the first women’s circles and the exploration of femininity, conscious sexuality, and polarities. Michel is a professor of Kundalini yoga, disciple since 1989 of Yogi Bhajan, Tantric Master. A practitioner of psychosynthesis since 1986.

Carmen is the creator of workshops such as: “Living The Woman That I Am”; “Sexuality and female eros”; “Threshold of Wisdom” and “Alchemical Sexuality”. An indefatigable researcher, trainer of trainers, and an inspiration in the art of excellence in everyday life. is a pioneer of the consciousness movement that started in Spain in the early 80s through her heterogeneous center of personal development, Aldaba, a true hotbed of art, culture and alternative practices.

Michel founded in 1993 “New Man” in Paris, a center for Kundalini Yoga, Therapy, and Art. Devoted researcher of alchemical sexuality and the potential of multi-orgasmic men, as a creative alternative to the prevailing sexual compulsion in our society. Michel has been creating circles of men for 15 years, “Free Man and male sexuality”.


Her presence and both her passion and spontaneity create a contagious atmosphere that encourages participants to discover hidden aspects of themselves. She has imbibed the essence of Tantra for the last 20 years, through different masters in India and Europe. She lived at the Osho Community in India for 12 years where she facilitated workshops on Meditation Therapy, Dance, Women and Tantra, and retreated to the Himalayas to practise Tibetan Tantra.


Creator of “Ibiza Goddess” and Co-creator of “Ibiza Tantra festival” she runs Tantra training for women in different countries in Europe. Her Passion is to support women to bloom into their higher potential.


An International Sexuality, Tantra and Shamanic Facilitator. A blend of Breathworker, Bodyworker, Spiritual Sexologist and Somatic Scientist. She is a Lead Faculty member of ISTA, a Tantra Educator and a Certified Sexological Bodyworker.
Elaine loves to integrate sexuality & spirituality via the body, mind and soul energies.

Some of her tools include Tantric practices, body dearmouring, Shamanic Breathwork, transformation bodywork & Ritual, somatic sexology, emotional release, consent and boundaries, working with shame and guilt, moving through childhood wounding, cultural/religious conditioning.


Founder of “The Art of Love School” and lead facilitator of seminars and workshops around the world. He teaches the Annual Integrative Psychotherapy course in Tel Aviv and is a faculty teacher in ISTA. He leads Cacao ceremonies and is a therapist for couples and individuals. In 2010, he traveled to Guatemala where he spent 2 years studying at The Pyramids Del Ka, an Egyptian mystery school specialized in lucid dreaming, meditation, and Kabala studies.


He is known for leading potent rites of passage, for his wise and playful style and ability to hold people with love while they shed their skin.
Rex has stopped trying to improve himself… instead he has turned to loving the life force that is living him, which includes embodying the joy and transformative power of sexuality.

Komala & Gregor

A married couple, lovers, friends and co-teachers. They live together in Austria since 13 years, and work internationally, teaching and leading workshops and trainings, with they hold together and also on their own. 

Their work is based on awareness, meditation, and a variety of western scientific modalities. Together, they created the three years chakra training, the “Training for Life”, the course “Sexuality, Love and Relationship” and the “Loving Relationship for couples” retreat.


Gregor is a Systemic Therapist and Coach, trained in trauma healing, Transparent Communication and various other modalities. His special focus lies in an embodied spirituality, collective healing and in working with men in longer trainings for an awakened masculinity. Komala is born in Brazil and lived and worked 23 years in the Osho center in India. She developed and currently teaches various workshops and trainings, related to conscious dying, spontaneous singing, childhood de-conditioning, and the long training for women “The Awakened Feminine”.


Born in Spain, and in his 30s. After a deep existential crisis, he found out the path of meditation and the breath work, which opened a big door to deepen into other important matters such as tantra and sexuality, relationships, bodywork, trauma healing, and meditative therapies.

Actually, he is co-leading the Osho Diamond Breath School in Tuscany, where the Osho Miasto Center is located. He is a counselor in relationships and sexuality and a certified practitioner in Somatic Experience (trauma healing, Peter Levin).


Facilitator of Osho Meditations and meditative therapies (Osho No Mind and Osho Born Again). Facilitator of tantra and men´s groups. Body worker, Ayurvedic massage and Tantra healing massage.
He leades workshop, trainings and seminars in Spain, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Russia, China, Chec Republic and Vancouver.


Sarani is an international Tantra teacher. She has been on the path of conscious sciences and meditation for over 20 years.  She studied with several masters and enlightened mystics in India, Japan and Brazil. Her studies range from the revolutionary roots of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra and Osho meditations to the studies of Primal Therapy with the Dr. Arthor Janov Institute in the USA.
Learning her skills from her devotion to the different traditions from ancient to modern forms of Tantra, and her expertise in the science of Primal Therapy and Intuitive readings  affords her a balance between therapy and meditation, love and consciousness.

Sarani’s unique skill set has made her a very popular teacher for women groups, tantra for singles and tantra for couples in Lithuania, China, Turkey, Bulgaria, Russia, Georgia and USA for over 15 years. Her passion for mystery of love and relationships and helping people has transformed thousands of lives worldwide. Sarani is also the founder of Meilės kelias – a meditation center and a successful publishing house in Lithuania.


Kobi’s unique offering of Tantra Heart Retreats is inspired by various teachers and traditions around the world and birthed from his own experience throughout the years. He combines in his guidance Traditional Tantra, Neo Tantra, Tao, The Shamanic Path, and some more modern and approachable practices like Non-Violent communication and Awakened Relating.


Kobi‘s gift to the world is enabling transformational experiences for individuals and couples within a light, safe and loving atmosphere focusing on the connection with the one’s heart and the celebration of life, Fully!

Pragita & Sudeva

Pragita and Sudeva run a center of growth and transformation in Finland.

“We have been walking on a path of deep breathing, Tantra, music and meditation more than 20 years guided by enlightened Indian master Osho. Deep breathing creates grounding and opening for an orgasmic and ecstatic body. An open and relaxed body creates the basement for a tantric way of living”. Pragita & Sudeva have been together for over 19 loving years.


Visual artist-explorer weaving multi-dimensional creative transformations, Roseline has 25 years of experience in the creative process as a professional artist, creativity coach, art therapist and art teacher. She passionately shares the life-changing aliveness and inspiration brought by creative expression. Combining all artistic modalities to awaken one’s creative potentials and purpose, she facilitates workshops for those longing to set free their inner artist.

With an MA in Expressive arts & psychology; she is a Humanist Gestalt art therapist with extended experience in interdisciplinary arts, transpersonal psychology, archetypes, and symbols.

Marion & Ron

Working together as workshop facilitators and hosts of the Taste of Love Tantra Festival, Australia, Marion, and Ron are journeying in the field of tantra together since over 5 years guiding singles and couples to a greater ecstatic embodiment through deep trauma healing and heartfelt opening.

They have both studied with many teachers all over the world and offer radical honesty and truth at the basis of their own search for an expansion of erotic freedom, holding point for family and community and honoring each individuals soul journey. Individually they work as body-based trauma and intimacy coaches in private practice.

Ron focuses his private workshops around healing and opening through pleasure while Marion compliments with a love for neuroscience, meditation, and somatic work with healing the nervous system.


Anadi was born in India in Osho’s home town, in the same street, where he grew up within Osho’s vibration. Later he moved to Pune where he worked at the Osho Commune and where he created his base up until now. For the last twenty years he has travelled extensively in Europe and India, guiding Osho Meditation Retreats and the Osho Golden Childhood Tour. With the people he meets on his path, he is sharing love, silence and Osho meditations, enriched by his experiences.
His meditative depth is rare and extremely helpful for anyone who likes to explore the world within and grow roots deep into existence itself. You get a glimpse of ‘being home’ if that is what you are searching for.


Satya is a deeply heart-centered Therapist, Yoga & Meditation facilitator. As the founder of “Conscious Being Retreats” her mission and passion is to touch the lives of those she meets on a deep level. Originally trained as a Nurse, Satya began redirecting her passion for alternative medicine.
 She has graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cranio-sacral therapy and Chi- Nei Tsang (deep abdominal massage).


She has lived in Asia for 13 years (5 of them in the Osho community), and studied and practiced with Non-Dualism Master Teachers throughout the world. She is able to guide classes in a highly comprehensive manner offering profound knowledge, clarity and compassion. With a loving heart she has inspired and empowered many aspirants on the path to Self-realization.

Mahara Mc Kay

Mahara is an integrative health coach and facilitator of yogic, tantric & shamanic arts. She holds “Tantra Energy” intensive programs that guide people to move beyond their fears and step into a deep space of self love, inner peace and the joy of giving.

Her extensive training in tantric & shamanic arts, Osho meditations, emotional release, Wim Hof method and various other yoga & personal development modalities allows her to use her own fears as her greatest teacher.


Atira has been teaching spiritual feminine embodiment & leadership for more than a decade. As a yoga and meditation teacher, women’s activist, Creative Art Therapist (MA) and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, Atira has dedicated her life to women’s empowerment and freedom in the field of sex slavery and exploitation in Asia. 


She is the founder of Art to Healing & Yoga for Freedom, an Australian charity supporting the trauma recovery of child sex slaves. She has been inspiring audiences about her work in TEDx events.
Atira teaches yoga teacher trainings, retreats and workshops internationally, specialising in Sacred Feminine Yoga, women’s health and trauma-recovery from sexual abuse.

Anita Devi

Anita Devi is an international Yoga and Tantra facilitator sharing in English and Spanish in festivals, retreats, workshops and private sessions. Her open heart is here to share the awakening to our essence. Consciousness. Love.
She enjoys a nomadic lifestyle around the world and has been dedicated for over fifteen years to spiritual evolution.

Her journey started as a Social Educator when she fell in love with Indian Mysticism. She combines a total dedication to Contemporary Tantra as an Osho Sannyas by assisting the best masters of his lineage and a deep Yoga &Tantra study in the best traditional world schools as Shivananda, Bihar and Agama Yoga. Also certified as an Ayurveda Therapist and Water Therapist.
Anita is an experienced Moon Mother holding Woman Circles and a Woman Coach, trained by Miranda Gray. She created ‘Shakti Yoga’ a special feminine yoga practise and a Tantra Training “Free Woman”.


She is a holistic therapist in the field of well-being of the precious body; via Kundalini yoga & meditation, tantra, various bodywork, shaking medicine and healthy food. She is the founder of The Lakshmi Lifestyle, and has the vision to bring the beauty, wisdom, and the finesse from the East to the West, in her own authentic loving way! Her mission is to remember all women in the entire world that being sensual, spiritual and successful is your birthright and that you can be all of that at the same divine time!


Humita enjoys to inspire and motivate others, sharing her love, energy, and bubbles. During her unique classes, she offers the various teachings of Kundalini yoga & meditation, tantra, bodywork, shaking medicine and dance – always in a surprising and different way! The healing sessions she offers, give you the opportunity to rest and relax on a deep level. She will take you on a journey of love, where you can totally surrender to going nowhere and doing nothing.


Body worker, tantra teacher and zen coach. She holds workshops for women and couples, and gives private sessions to men, women and couples. She has many years of experience holding the space for others in the field of development and self-realisation. She supports you to align your soul, body and feelings, to reconnect with your own center by deepening your pleasure, self-acceptance and loving joy for being you with yourself.

She works through massage, lingam and yoni de-armoring, supporting your full body orgasm, releasing guilt, shame and fear, and giving coaching sessions.



Life coach, body&breath worker and Tantra teacher. Conducting trainings on relationships and intimate communications, leading tantric workshops, practicing tantric massage therapy, Lomi Lomi, women circles, Osho meditations, and relationship coaching.
Freya has been learning Tantra, Bioenergetics and Tantra Massage with John Hawken, now also co-teaching massage trainings with him.

Offering sessions of various Tantric massages, Cashmere, Taoisitic, Energy work, ESO, Fire-breath, Yoni & Lingam healing and pleasuring, Pelvic Liberation, Deep Tissue Massage and others.

Freya TantraWay


A reading with Billy will show you the basics of how to live as your true self. At the festival, he will give you an overview of how you are designed to best make your decisions, how to move and operate in life, and how most appropriately to relate to others. Human Design is based on your time, place and date of birth, and is a terrifically accurate system that is very easy to assimilate.

Billy has decades long experiences in meditation, yoga, and tantra, and enjoys sharing his knowledge, in a deep, intimate way. He moved to Ibiza, Spain several years ago from San Francisco, CA.

Billy White

Our year-round Team


Bookings and Administration
Meera is always behind the scenes in the Ibiza Tantra Festival, she is the one who communicates with you all the organization, responds to your emails and makes sure your landing at the Festival is smooth and comfortable. She is our Jasmine-Tigress!

Her soul purpose is to awaken as much as possible in this lifetime. Her everyday life is her deepest meditation, her way to experience True and Total Living. Meera feels blessed in supporting Tantra gatherings and Women Circles. Her passion in life is creating spaces for people on their way to Awakening.

facebook Meera


Teacher Team Coordinator
Anni is taking care of the teacher team. She has been committed to the Tantra path since 2016 when she attended her first women’s workshops. Through them, she came to realize things about her womanhood that were deeply hidden and felt ready to work on them. Tantra is one of the most important elements to make her life more free and fulfilling.


She believes that the world will be a better place when there is space for everyone to play, open themselves and look directly into their shadow.


Communication & Design
Emma Salgueiro is the creative communicator of Ibiza Tantra Festival. Responsible of our new image, the design of our website, and all of the graphics and spicy texts you see around. An ex-advertisement creative director turned to freelancer digital nomad with a craving for turquoise waters and ecstatic dance.


You can watch her on stage, at the Festival doing STAND UP COMEDY about tantra, spiritual Ego and the art of hugging smelly armpits tantricly; or you can stalk her on social media and youtube.

EmmaOm Comedy