Meet our team of internationally renowned
Tantra teachers

We have selected some of the best Tantra teachers in the world to design a full Tantric immersion experience for you!

This is our teacher team for 2023 Festival. More teachers will be confirmed soon!


Santoshi is an international Tantra and Meditation facilitator fully devoted to live the path of Self discovery and personal transformation since 1995. Her presence and both her passion and spontaneity encourage participants to discover hidden aspects of themselves. Her work brings individuals into Authenticity and Love.

She is the founder of the renowned “Ibiza Tantra Festival”. and the International “Tantra Woman Training”  and the Tantra Woman Team who has served hundreds of women to come back to their essential place of joy.



She let go of her career as an architect in 1995 to follow her heart and lived at the Osho Community in India for 12 years, where she became a Tantra and Osho Meditation Therapy facilitator.

After leaving the community, she retreated to the Himalayas for over a year to practice Tibetan Tantra. Coming back to the West, she traveled and facilitated Tantra and meditation gatherings in more than 17 countries.

She is now based in Ibiza, fully devoted to support women to bloom into their higher potential. The Tantra Women Training runs in different countries and it is becoming widely renowned.

“Intimacy and Love” are the forces that moves her in Life. She has had experience many different types of relationships and explored the “Art of Love” and “Conscious Sexuality” widely.

Instagram: tantra_woman




Niten is a globally recognized facilitator who leads trainings around the world through the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA).

His journey in Tantra began in 1992 when he moved to India and received initiation. He lived in the Osho Commune International for 7 years, developing his expertise in Tantra and Healing modalities. He also dedicated time to studying and practicing Yoga, Meditation, and Classical Indian Music (Ragas).


For a decade, from 2008-2018, Niten served as a lead teacher at Tantra Essence under Ma Ananda Sarita. He began working with Men in 2010 and is currently a lead facilitator of “The Emergence” brotherhood program.

In 2014, Niten co-founded the Ibiza Tantra Festival, which has since become a well-known and highly anticipated annual event. He also co-founded the Tantra Spirit Festival in Croatia in 2019.

Niten’s passion for natural evolution, sexual shamanism, and the subtleties of personal growth make him a gifted facilitator. He has a talent for offering clear insights and humor to encourage participants to release their conditionings, break through old patterns, and reconnect with their essential nature.

Niten is currently based in Ibiza, Spain.



Elaine is a Sexuality, Tantra, Breathwork and Shamanic Facilitator supporting transformational spaces for over 10 years around the globe. A blend of Breathworker, Bodyworker, Spiritual Sexologist and Somatic Scientist. Her journey has involved a lifelong fascination and inquiry into awareness, purpose, the human condition, love, sexuality, spiritual connection, soul wisdom, expansion, learning, unlearning, meditation, physiology, health, disease, exploring aliveness, sexuality, death and grief.

Elaine is a Group Facilitator, Educator, Coach, Guide, and Energy/Bodyworker in the fields of Consciousness, Tantra, Breathwork, Sacred Sexuality, Somatic Sexology and Shamanism. Some of my certifications include specialities such as Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Tantra Educator and Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator. 

Elaine has been part of the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) Tribe since 2012, as a Lead Faculty member from 2015 to 2022. Leading groups for 1000s of humans in over 20 countries through the portals of her own offerings, private session, inperson, on-line,  Shamanic Breathwork, Master Your Pleasure, the level 1s SSSEx, level 2s SSSIn and during 2022  the ISTA Level 3 SSSEED journey.


Currently, she is mainly offering deep-dive experiential retreats. ‘The Journeys’ is a series of 5 -7 Day Retreats created and facilitated to explore and reset our relationship to Pleasure, Breathwork & Energy.  These retreats include educational components but are primarily deep embodiment journeys harnessing Somatic, Tantric & Shamanic Explorations. 



In my earlier life, she was Diagnostic Medical Scientist for 20 years in research, clinical practice and direct patient care. She brings this powerful experience of the physical manifestations of dis-ease to my current offerings. Thirteen years ago, a crushing grief event changed everything and led her unexpectedly to this ‘work’. Over the last thirteen years, I have been grateful for and lovingly humbled by the opportunity to support thousands of human beings to connect with the power within themselves to heal and transform. 


Elaine enjoys  bridging the apparent illusion of the gap between science and spirituality with love and respect for both.



Pushan is a reichian breath therapist. When you breathe deeply energy flows over your body and you become orgasmic and rooted in your sexual energy. Breathwork lead me dive into sexuality, tantra, relationships, attachment and relational trauma. My aim is to find ways in different modalities and traditions to move beyond conditioning in a mental, physical, emotional and energetic bodies coming back to our authenticity, our dignity and natural expression. My work is very much of body oriented therapy and integrates different modalities from the lenses of trauma and the impact into the whole system. Meditation is the main resource and the foundation that integrates the psico body work.


Kimaya is an experienced meditator , body-oriented therapist, SE – trauma healing practitioner, facilitator, and trainer in the field of bodymind, energy work, as well self-inquiry and meditation with more than 35   years of experience.. She is the director of the OSHO Institute for Love and teaches OSHO Tantric Meditation Retreats,  OSHO Trauma Healing, OSHO Workshop Women Series, OSHO Talking to Body training,  and many other courses and trainings around the world.



Though focused on love and awareness, with an innate ability to listen to the unspoken voice of the body Kimaya has a unique approach based on body-oriented therapy, subtle energy work, and above all, meditation.

Baba Dez Nichols

BABA DEZ NICHOLS is a Internationally speaker and teacher, Daka, author, singer-songwriter, and transformational guide who has been featured on numerous TV and Radio shows for his contribution in the Healing Arts and evolving human consciousness. He is a global networker and seeder of loving freedom who teaches the Sacred Temple Arts to share, inspire, and support others in the activation and integration of life force energy. He is the founder of the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and Annual Sexuality and Consciousness Festivals and Conferences around the world.
Today his passion is supporting other educators, therapists, councilors, and guides to deepen their skill, presence, and mastery in the areas of healthy living, relationships, and sexuality. He currently gives talks and promotes the ISTA Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Experience (SSSEx Level 1) Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Initiation (SSSIn Level 2) Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Seeding (SSSeed Level 3), his documentary Sex Magic and his book Sacred Sexual Healing, The Shaman Method of Sex Magic and CD Thank the Moon are available at itunes, amazon, netflix and bandcamp

More info at:


Tantra teacher, bodyworker and zen coach. She holds workshops for women and couples, and gives private sessions to men, women and couples. She has many years of experience holding the space for others in the field of development and self-realisation. She supports you to align your soul, body and feelings, to reconnect with your own center by deepening your pleasure, self-acceptance and loving-joy for being you.


She works through massage, lingam and yoni de-armoring, supporting your full body orgasm, releasing guilt, shame and fear, and giving coaching sessions.


Steve Shiva

Steve Shiva Having first been introduced to Tantra over 14 years ago in the OSHO International Resort, Pune, India. Since then Steve Shiva continues to be drawn to its power of transformation and healing. For him, its honouring of the divine feminine, and its alchemical power of transgressing the traditional by living the totality of all levels of ourselves makes Tantra the only path that allows us to experience the truth of who we are – powerful, human, divine, love, dark and light all at once.

Steve Shiva feels that this honouring and embodiment of all aspects of ourselves is the very key to becoming empowered human beings, and this is the very foundation of all his work.  He is a father of 2 children. An empowerment and embodiment coach, the founder of Notorious Hearts and Man-In Retreats and Workshops and the Vice President of Cum What May, organisations which foster human transformation through diverse psychological, sexual, embodiment and holistic modalities. He works with men, women and everyone in between, in groups as well as individually, tailoring transformational retreats, programs, workshops and community spaces where everything is welcome, where the dark and the light can be embraced, owned and embodied, and which powerfully invites and encourages individual and group truths to emerge. The essence of his work is always the same – cultivating and curating a relational space which
empowers everyone to live totally, playfully and most important of all, authentically. He believes that our world can transform through connecting to and embodying the truth – that we are infinitely powerful, and the divine feminine and divine masculine in one.

Be notorious. Be real. Come alive.

You can find out more about Steve Shiva and his work here


Anadi & Meera

Anadi and Meera share the same passion: the mystery of the inner and their love for Osho.

Anadi’s meditative depth is rare and extremely helpful for anyone who likes to explore the world within and grow roots deep into existence itself. In his experience Tantra became the way to find his inner woman and to mature into an individual – free to simply be.

He was born in India in Osho’s home town, in the same street, where he grew up within Osho’s vibration. Later he moved to Pune where he worked at the Osho Commune and where he created his base up until now. For the last twenty years, he has traveled extensively in Europe and India, guiding Osho Meditation Retreats and the Osho Golden Childhood Tour.

Meera joined her first retreat with him in 2014 and became a fellow traveler since; supporting Osho’s vision whereever she can.

Pragita & Sudeva

After academic life we have been walking on the way of the Deep Breathing, Tantra, Family Constellaton, Cranio work, music and meditation 30 years guided by indian mystic Osho. By walking this path of self-knowledge we have end up to share our journey and experience. We have been sharing already 20 years deepbreathing- and tantracources and trainings. We are part of the Osho Diamond breath facilitator team. We have been living 27 years extended familylife and relationship school with each other. Music, playing piano to Sudeva, singing to Pragita and music teaching has also been, and still is, big part of our journey and life.


Freya & Piotr

Freya Wolna is a vibrant, charismatic  facilitator with passion for life and transformation. She has a strong presence and can hold and empower large training groups.  Freya is waving her unique blend of coaching and training experiences, passion for acting and facilitating. Piotr Reisch (Swami Prem Sunjay) is a Life Coach, Tantra & Mindfulness Trainer, Leadership and Creativity Mentor. He has dedicated his life to discovering possibilities of human mind and body.  In his practice he draws from over 30 years of experience in leadership, meditation, neuroscience, trauma therapy and unity consciousness.
Freya facilitates transformational trainings, empowering participants in areas of Tantric sexuality & relationships, aiming at developing their full potential. Since 2017 she has been teaching at the  TPOT School of John Hawken, starting with Year Long Professional Tantra Massage Trainings, later Year Long Tantra training  and Dark Eros Intensive. She is also facilitating Tantra Women Workshops, and Shamanic sacred Sexuality workshops. She is devoted to work with the medicine of Cacao, creating Ecstatic Cacao Ceremonies where she creates unique spaces for healing through shamanic meditations, DJ-ing breath and body movement. Freya’s powerful presence, integrity and feminine loving heart create safe space for transformation and growth.


Piotr’s spiritual path started in the late 80’s with autogenic training, transcendental meditation and Marshal Arts. In 90’s, during his 10 years in the US, he practiced African spiritual teachings and native American traditions, participating in Blackfeet tribe ceremonies as a SunDancer.  Currently he facilitates tantric workshops with his partner Freya Wolna, as the faculty teacher at the Paths Transformation (International school of Tantra of John Hawken, one of the leading European tantra teachers).  He also studied Tantra with Andrew Barnes, Ohad Pele, Ananda Sarita, Elaine Young, ISTA trainings and festivals in India, Israel and Spain.



Gopal is a certified SkyDancing® Tantra teacher.The proximity with Margot Anand and the opportunity to work together in several workshops around the world has given him a more complete and integral understanding of SkyDancing Tantra and its practices, but also a closer insight into psychology, bioenergetics, physiology, opening his work to a full spectrum of creative possibilities.His path starts in Italy, where he develops an interest in Indian philosophy, spirituality, ritual magic, and meditation since his early years.



The meeting with the world of Osho in the 90s offers him the opportunity to grow and transform his skills as a facilitator, bodyworker, and a more complete human being.

After graduating in Shiatsu, OSHO Divine Healing Arts and Meditation with Prashantam in Portugal, he starts working on the connection and the interaction between the Mind and the Body in combination with the Magic tradition.


After moving to Berlin, he lands as a facilitator at Osho Studio, leading regular classes and workshops.


The city has inspired him to create Dynamic Tantra, a playful, soulful way to practice Tantra in the urban jungle, successfully welcomed by plenty of participants in many workshops, collaborating with many teachers, including his partner Mallika Paritosh.


Gopal is also active in many different artistic lines of work: as a rock musician (he recorded 11 albums over the years), event organizer (he produced thousands of shows, major and underground festivals, conventions, and workshops all around Europe), DJ (he loves vintage records), teacher, and facilitator, constantly experimenting and combining the 3 Tantric Keys (Breath, Movement, and Sound) with innovative meditation techniques.

Working and living in Berlin, Gopal facilitates training and workshops worldwide.



‘Osho and his vision of Tantra has always been for me an inspiration of the rediscovery of the sacred yes to life, and acceptance of the moment.’ Adhiraj is an Osho therapist, an Osho Diamond Breath Trainer, leads Tantric Breath and Inner Alchemy workshops where a natural fusion of Tantra principles and Breathwork come together to release tensions from the body/mind and for the natural energy flow to reveal itself.
He leads trainings in meditative therapies, Osho Starlight Transomatic Dialogue and Akashic processes around the world. Also, he is co-creator of the Natural Man process and a Chi Gong instructor.

Tamara Groen

Tamara Groen, is a free, sensual and vibrant spirit, wildly passionate about living in harmony with nature. Her mission is to invite authenticity into the world, and to empower you to live your full embodied potential. As a Transformational therapeutic Breathwork and Trauma Release Practitioner, a Thai & Tantric Massage Bodyworker, she inspires her work by Anahata & Tantra Kriya Yoga, the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA), and many more.

I view Tantra as a spiritual path that invites us to embrace every aspect of life and approach them as an opportunity to expand. It can help us to feel lighter and more relaxed, be present in connection to oneself & others and feel alive & free. My 15+ years of experience in Tantra & breathwork and my background in business and sales have joined together in my offerings, creating a balance between spirituality and down-to-earth manifestation.

Kobi BZ

Meet Kobi, a unique individual who works with Transmission, Intuition & Presence to create transformational experiences for those around him. Rather than relying on complex concepts and methods, Kobi invites you to trust in the process and let go of any goals or preconceived notions. With his gift for creating a light, joyful, safe, and loving atmosphere, Kobi has been able to share his teachings through retreats, workshops, and festivals across the globe for the past decade. As the founder of ‘Ecstatic Love’ and Tantra Heart Retreats and co-creator of the ‘Journey of Love’ Festival, Kobi has become a well-known figure in the transformational community.


Kobi draws inspiration from a range of sources, including Non-Dual Masters, Native American Elders, Tantrikas, Cleaners, Dolphins, and Eagles. As a water and nature lover, he believes in the importance of being present in the now and constantly learning and growing as a student of life. If you’re looking to deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you, Kobi’s unique approach and transformative experiences may be just what you need.

Arja Hendrikx

Arja got initiated into tantra by women while living in a hidden community in the middle of nature.All her first initiations into tantra were through direct experiences by practicing & living with this community for months. Being immersed in spirituality, practicing yoga & meditation and creating a deep connection with the rising energies within her body, Arja started to have elevated experiences of altered states of consciousness and got completely magnetized by the teachings of tantra and how much aliveness they brought into her body. After 1 year of daily practice, Arja got initiated into the sexual practices of tantra, which had a huge impact on her psyche.



impact on her psyche.

Releasing all her shame & insecurities around sex & being a sexual woman gave her a deep sense of confidence and freedom in her body. Arja learned how to master & direct sexual energy, which elevated her tantric practices to the next level and reverence for the art of lovemaking. Due to the powerful impact on her own life, Arja dedicated herself to the study of sexual energy specifically. For over a decade, Arja traveled all around the world to study with the foremost teachers & masters in the field. She has combined everything she learned, backed up with her own personal practice & experiences, to teach you the most elevated, precious and powerful teachings of tantra & sexuality. 

Arja uses a down-to-earth yet spiritually uplifting framework to give you the most practical examples, and useful tools, so you know exactly how to experience more of this magic in your own body.

You will find Arja facilitating workshops, tantra retreats and speaking at sexually empowering events all around the world and online! @arja_hendrikx


Anna Sokolek

Anna has been involved in the world of Tantra for almost 10 years. She is a Tantra teacher at the international Tantra Woman School where she leads Tantra trainings for women. Anna also has her own brand, “Tantra dla Kobiet,” where she offers Tantra groups for women and mixed groups in Poland and abroad. Additionally, she provides transformative yoni healing and pelvis liberation sessions specifically for women.



As a certified family constellation therapist trained in the Bert Hellinger method, Anna also leads individual sessions and groups where clients can work on transforming their unconscious beliefs that may have been inherited through their lineage.

Aside from her work in Tantra and therapy, Anna is a fulfilled professional singer and voice coach. She has a passion for creating safe spaces where people can truly connect with themselves. Anna’s gifts include providing deep insights, tenderness, and presence.


Aviv Asis

Aviv Asis was born and raised in Israel – Palestine. A gender – transcended Arab Jew. Facilitating self-expansion journeys, specializing in non-dual energy work. Developer of the Shamanic Voice Dialogue method – a ceremonial way to access and heal the Sacred Wound, while using deep listening, gentelness and radical acceptance of all of our inner selves. Creator of the YASSS QUEEN! movement. Empowering humxns to evoke the hidden magic we inherited from our spectacular queer lineage. Here to celebrate one another as Queens among Queens! In service of the TRANS*MISSION – a ritual exploring the Mystery of gender, and it’s unique medicine for the human consciousness.


Co – Founder of OMG! (Orgasmic Manifesting Goddexx). OMG! establishes a radical connection between the individual and the Goddexx. Embodying divinity in everyday life. Flowing in love with the juicy great mystery and playing around manifesting through pleasure, while laughing together at this huge joke we call life.


Annalisa Rinaldi

Annalisa is an Italian Contemporary Leaving Artist based in Ibiza known for her oriental style of working. Lichigraphy “ way of art ” is the result of years of multidisciplinary study and practice, education in art, and oriental philosophy. Her work absorbs the explicitly and the grace of Japanese and Chinese influence, providing a raw strength that allows honesty which is how she strives to be as a person, the expression of integrity of mind to mouth to movement. The seeking of balance and of functionality enriches the story of her work even more as a minimalist everything serves a purpose, making room for emptiness gives freedom and space for ideas.

The manipulation of organic mediums and natural material, it’s a conscious daily choice and so is the accurate study of the color, blending natural pigment, clay, and a vast selection of organic matter transformed in powder.
Art it’s the invisible line in between everything I do, and the way I move about my day. It is an absolute force I am part of.


Parvati Ma, originally from Finland, is a dedicated tantrika, healer, free diver and lover of life. She has walked a tantric and shamanic path for more than 20 years, alongside with her life in business. Thus, she often refers herself to a corporate shaman, shapeshifting between the worlds. As a founder of ”Shamanic Tantra” and ”Embrace Your Feminine and Shine” women’s groups, one of her passions is to lead women’s empowerment retreats. In her workshops, she intuitively transforms energies in the room with depth and clarity to allow healing to take place.
Through various of tantric techniques, she loves to activate the life force
energy within the participants to lead them into their natural state of
being; a healthy, happy and creative state where they can consciously
use sexual energy to create their own dream reality.

Our year-round Team


Founder of Ibiza Tantra Festival
Her presence and both her passion and spontaneity create a contagious atmosphere that encourages participants to discover hidden aspects of themselves. She has imbibed the essence of Tantra for the last 20 years, through different masters in India and Europe. She lived at the Osho Community in India for 12 years where she facilitated workshops on Meditation Therapy, Dance, Women and Tantra, and retreated to the Himalayas to practise Tibetan Tantra.


Bookings and Administration
Meera is always behind the scenes in the Ibiza Tantra Festival, she is the one who communicates with you all the organization, responds to your emails and makes sure your landing at the Festival is smooth and comfortable. She is our Jasmine-Tigress!
Her soul purpose is to awaken as much as possible in this lifetime. Her everyday life is her deepest meditation, her way to experience True and Total Living. Meera feels blessed in supporting Tantra gatherings and Women Circles. Her passion in life is creating spaces for people on their way to Awakening.

facebook Meera


Teacher Team Coordinator

Janet, health practitioner and Workshop Leader Coordinator. Her passion is sharing knowledge, helping others and facing challenges. With her part in the festival, she provides a safe haven for artists, workshop leaders, guests and staff. It is truly amazing to witness the magical flow and wonder of the festival. The most important lesson she has learned is to surrender, share and celebrate with an open heart. Many of you may know her as the friendly face that has been welcoming you to the festival for many years. Let’s rock the festival together!

Her work with the Ibiza Tantra Festival is just one aspect of her deep commitment to empowering women and supporting them on their journey of self-discovery and growth.

Since 2016, Janet has been an active member of the Tantra Woman team, working closely with founder Santoshi to create powerful and transformative workshops and events for women in Ibiza and throughout Spain.