About Tantra

Very often the word “Tantra” conjures up a range of ideas and myths that can make one a little nervous —or even put one off entirely— until you actually try it. So, here’s a little introduction to Tantra, to help create more understanding and ease

So, what is Tantra
really about?

Tantra is a path for people wanting to know themselves, deepen awareness and celebrate all aspects of life. The word has been used to describe a wide range of practices and traditions from the Kashmir Shaivism and Buddhist Vajrayana to more new age practices that include psychotherapeutic approaches and bioenergetics.


It gives you methods to directly explore who you are in all your facets (body-mind-soul) and actualize your potential. These methods are designed to strip away layers of false identity, to understand and accept your nature as a whole. Sometimes this can leave you a little shaky because you are accustomed to the comfort of your beliefs, but ultimately, it leads to a deeply satisfying state which is more rested in your true nature.


You are perfect as you are, in your darkness and your light. The key word is acceptance, in accepting yourself, your desires and your quirks there is an opportunity to deepen.

Unlike other systems which attempt to shape you through control and effort, Tantra allows you to indulge your desires but with awareness so they deepen beyond surface desires and needs towards the ultimate desire for love and awareness.

Tantra is not a technique but Love, it’s not a technique but Prayer, it’s not head oriented but a Relaxation into the Heart. Osho


This path is not so concerned with dogmas and believes rather focus on the wisdom that arises from experiencing life with totally and pristine awareness. 
- From duality to oneness: Tantra invites you to experience duality, to dive deeply into the experience of each pole with no judgement: darkness and light , masculine and feminine, pain and pleasure, Polarity, Ultimately this polarities represent the dance of  consciousness (masculine) and its life expression (feminine).



Purify it of all repressions, allow the body energy to flow, remove blockages. It is very difficult to come across a person who has no blockages, whose body is not tight. Loosen this tightness, this tension is blocking your energy, the energy can not flow unless your vehicle, your body, is relaxed and at ease.

Experience the theme of the year:

The Art of Intimacy

Into Me I See

To be intimate with the other, first you need to be intimate with yourself, you need to know and accept yourself fully.


Everybody wants intimacy, but we are all afraid of it at the same time. To be intimate you have to expose your vulnerability, drop your defenses, your inhibitions, and become utterly naked, sincere and open.


What Tantra inspires…

  • Reverence and gratitude for your body
  • To become more sensual and sensitive
  • To be more present in your senses
  • To enhance your vitality and passion
  • A more fulfilling sexuality
  • Master your emotions
  • Deepen intimacy with yourself and others
  • Self confidence and authenticity
  • Clear and empathic communication
  • Being at ease with yourself
  • Transform sex into Love through awareness
  • Become an integrated Woman/Man, confident and natural
  • Discover your creative gift and start sharing it



The act of lovemaking in all its facets is included in Tantra but it is certainly not limited to that. In the classic text the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra there are 112 methods for awakening, and only 6 of these are directly related to the sexual act. Life is deeply sexual, the whole energy of life can be seen as sexual energy, of creativity, as the interplay of consciousness and love, masculine and feminine energies.


Tantric Sex is the natural way. When meeting sexually with someone, you become so completely instinctual, so mindless, that you merge with the ultimate nature. Man and woman disappear to become a door for the Ultimate. Sex becomes the way to God. This is the tantric definition of our sexuality: the return to absolute innocence, absolute oneness. The greatest sexual thrill of all is not a search for thrills, but a silent wait, utterly relaxed, utterly mindless.

Tantra is the only path I found in all my years of spiritual search that honors the Feminine in its fullness. Santoshi


According to this tradition Women gather together in circles to share and be nourished; to be supported and empowered by other women.

In our TANTRA WOMAN gatherings we rediscover our body, its sensuality and intense capacity for pleasure.

We share wisdom and doubts and celebrate each woman by rejoicing in each other’s unique beauty. Together we unveil and regain the capacity to transform our tears into Love, our anger into Power, our insecurities into Creativity, our Dreams into our Life Reality.
A profound experience in which we remember what it means to be an integral woman.


If in any corner of yourself you feel that life can be more loving, more fun, more adventurous, more deep, more creative, then, the TANTRA WOMAN TRAINING and Circles are for you. TANTRAWOMAN.COM